Shalom & Welcome in Jesus’ Name

Thank you for visiting with us. Jesus Deliverance Ministries is dedicated to the ways and will of our heavenly Father through His Word in Jesus Christ. This ministry is not part of any organization; it is a living organism thriving through the love of Yeshua; Jesus. God has called us to serve in all righteousness with all truth. We remain steadfast to His ways. The key to all deliverance is repentance. The key to keeping your deliverance is holiness. We believe in holiness. Learning to be holy is the way to God’s heart.

Throughout the Tanakh and the Bible, the Lord Himself gave us commandments and instructions to abide by. It is not man’s duty to change them! We know the Lord’s word to be faithful, just and true … we live by those words. God has and does supply all of our needs. To Him we give all glory and honor.

We do not accept tithes, offerings nor donations just to tell you that you’re going to be blessed abundantly for doing so. That is not the word of God. All gifts or offerings should be given in love and of your own freewill. That is the way of the body of Christ.

We dedicate ourselves to the truth, living up to it daily. God still requires Holiness; HE IS the same yesterday, today and forevermore. We have no problem being blessed or having a relationship with God. As an intercessory prayer and teaching ministry we desire to teach according to God’s Word and to obtain victory in Jesus’ name.

We are here to serve in all righteousness and truth. We don’t ask you to just accept us at our word; follow the scriptures; Study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman that need not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.
~ 2 Timothy 2:15